I created a new page on my website (randomcriticalanalysis.com) to summarize my research on health care.   It’s not exactly short, but it covers a lot of ground that I’ve previously spread across several blog posts, activity on Twitter, and elsewhere.  Some of the content may be new to regular readers, but mostly I’m aiming to cover major misconceptions in just enough depth to drive home the point(s) without putting people with less interest or attention to sleep.  🙂

I created the primer as a page instead of a blog post in WordPress because it’s something of a work-in-progress, and I may extensively edit it later. In contrast, with blog posts, even my epically long ones, I typically only edit them for glaring typos and grammatical errors shortly after I’ve published them.  Nonetheless, it’s a good idea to idea to link to this so that it can be discovered from the blog and RSS feed.